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Keep up to date with people development in the workplace with our two new reports. One looks at MBTI type and well-being. The other covers eight of the biggest people-related issues facing organizations today

Well-being research by The Myers-Briggs Company
Growing evidence tells us that ‘life outcomes’ like health, relationships, occupational performance and even income are influenced by well-being. 

Well-being in the workplace is a three-year international study by The Myers-Briggs Company. It expands on Martin Seligman and Ed Deiner’s PERMA model (Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment) of well-being/flourishing to explore the connections between MBTI type and well-being. 

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8 challenges facing organizations today
The Myers-Briggs Company’s trends report looks at today’s biggest people-related issues for organizations. 

The report is called People First for Organizational Fitness and includes eight articles. The articles are:

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