Free MBTI exercises

MBTI Step II exercises now available for MBTI practitioners

We’ve got four free Step II exercises for MBTI practitioners to use in development and coaching sessions

The four exercises, which appear in the MBTI Step II Qualification Programme, have been made available for practitioners to use as stand-alone resources with clients.

They’re a great showcase for the deeper type understanding that Step II delivers, and they give practitioners fresh ideas for development sessions. The exercises have the same format as the free MBTI Step I exercises we’ve produced previously.

There’s one exercise per preference pair, and each one focuses on a particular Step II facet. The exercises are:

E–I: how people communicate and network (Initiating–Receiving facet)

S–N: how people show creativity and solve problems (Realistic–Imaginative facet)

T–F: interacting with people (Questioning–Accommodating facet)

J–P: how people work towards deadlines (Early Starting–Pressure-Prompted facet)

To see these and other MBTI exercises, go to practitioner resources and tick the facilitator exercises box on the left (remember, you’ll be asked to log in to your OPP account).

To find out more about MBTI Step II: