Free type exercises for practitioners

A wide range of exercises for use in MBTI® based training sessions

These resources equip MBTI practitioners with group-based activities that have proved popular and effective in the training room over the last few years.

They cover such areas as conflict-handling, decision-making and change, along with activities that illuminate the differences between preference pairs.

The type exercises are taken from OPP’s current and previous MBTI qualification programmes. They are designed to help trainers bring type theory to life, inspiring deeper insight into the differences between the various four-letter MBTI types.

These activities are just some of the many resources that can be accessed through our practitioner downloads section of the website. This is part of the new-look Knowledge Centre, a user-friendly compendium of resources for qualified practitioners.

The free exercises are as follows:

You can find them all under 'facilitator tools and exercises' in the practitioner downloads section of our website.