BAPT conference showcases MBTI® resources and insights

The annual British Association for Psychological Type conference takes place 19-21 March

This year’s BAPT event will be exploring the theme “3-D Type: Depth, Development and Diversity”

BAPT 2015

OPP's Implementation & Development Manager Pauline Siddon's will be presenting “Type, Depth, Development and Diversity with high impact visuals” at the conference, referencing some of the high-impact visual aids now available to practitioners.

The programme features a wide range of expert speakers, including author and coach Jane Kise, who recently presented the webcast Top ten tips for using type for OPP; and Susan Nash, author of Let’s Split the Difference: Your Guide to Clarifying the Difference between Similar Types.

BAPT 2015 takes place 19-21 March  2015 at Studley Castle in Warwickshire. The BAPT conference website has full details.

BAPT is a registered charity whose purpose is to promote the understanding of, knowledge about and use of Jungian psychological type systems, mainly (but not exclusively) with reference to the MBTI framework.