MBTI® Step I™ Feedback
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MBTI® Step I Feedback Cards

For individual feedback sessions

Guide individuals through an exploration of type preferences during a feedback session.

A facilitation tool for use in individual feedback sessions, this attractive set of 27 cards helps guide exploration of the MBTI preference pairs in a way that makes it easy for practitioners and engaging and personally relevant for learners.

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Note: This product replaces JT0606 with a refreshed design but can be used in just the same way. 


  • Designed to help structure your facilitation

The cards feature numerous talking points, illustrations, and practitioner prompts to make facilitation easy and effective. Simply use the cards in order to ensure a comprehensive, step-by-step exploration of the four preference pairs and help an individual get to best-fit type.

  • Expert help to guide the discussion

No need to worry about what to ask or how to steer the conversation during a feedback session. The cards offer a series of recommended questions and follow-ups that practitioners can use to spark reflection, personal examples, insight—and, ultimately, learning that sticks.

  • Adaptable to the way you train

Use all 27 cards or choose a smaller selection tailored to the needs of your training situation. Easily integrate this tool into an existing feedback process or pair it with the Exploring Your Myers-Briggs® Type Workbook for seamless facilitation.

  • Buy once, use forever

Printed on quality card stock and packaged in a sturdy box, the cards are designed to be used again and again to help deliver inspiring and impactful feedback sessions.