Virtual teams and the critical role of effective communication

While we adjust to virtual teams becoming the norm in many organizations, managers and senior leaders are finding it increasingly urgent to focus on the impact of virtuality on team communication.


This is not the time for team performance to slow down, and team communication is a huge part of the shift. It is a precursor to effective team processes and outcomes, and with many organizations now forced to choose virtual teams as the go-to model for getting things done, you will be on the front line of supporting how to implement effective virtual team communication strategies.

When high quality communication is present amongst dispersed or remote teams, it leads to shared understanding, smoother overall functioning, and better performance.

In this one-hour webinar, our Senior Consultant, Rachel Cubas-Wilkinson, will:

  • Explore the evolving shape of teams and trends for virtual teams in organizations.
  • Examine the most crucial team elements which support high-quality communication.
  • Consider personal and organizational strategies that can impact and improve the effectiveness of virtual teams.