Unleash the power of Introversion in your team

All leaders want to unlock their team’s full potential. However, not all leaders know that the approach to unlock potential in Introverted team members is different than for Extraverted team members.

When it comes to the world of work, diverse teams containing both Extraverts and Introverts tend to perform better than less diverse teams. However, more diversity can also mean more conflict, and Extraverts may misunderstand and underestimate their Introverted colleagues or reports. As a result, businesses are missing out on a valuable resource.


In this webinar John Hackston, Head of Thought Leadership at The Myers-Briggs Company, will dive into the differences between Extraversion and Introversion and will:

  • Explain how team leaders can unleash the power of Introversion amongst their employees with the MBTI® framework
  • Provide key insights for Extraverts and Introverts to learn to work more effectively together
  • Discuss how this applies to new research around remote working and the COVID-19 pandemic as well as to traditional workplace settings
  • Outline how to leverage the Extraverted side of every Introvert, and share a seven-step plan for successful teamwork

We will also show how managers and team leaders can access these insights directly, even if they have no previous knowledge of the MBTI assessment.



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