Refresh your MBTI knowledge on demand

New self-paced online MBTI refresher course helps practitioners get up to speed quickly and in their own time

Do you sometimes wish you’d recorded your MBTI Step I Certification Program so you could remind yourself of the principles whenever you needed it? You’re not alone!

Plenty of our customers are realizing how valuable MBTI feedback and development could be for their teams at the moment, and they want to make sure they get it right first time.

We’re now offering a self-paced online video course to help practitioners quickly get back up to speed with facilitating workshops and one-on-one feedback sessions with confidence. You could be back up and running in as little as a single afternoon.

Who is it for?

It’s only available for people who have already qualified for the MBTI Step I certification course as a reminder of the principles of the MBTI theory and framework.

Will it give me everything I need to get going?

As the course is based on the US Certification course, you might find you still need technical help with how to purchase credits and deliver assessments. Our Customer Support Team are always on hand to help with this.

We also recommend that you contact your Account Team. They can really speed things up and save you money by recommending the right tools and resources to solve your challenge.

How do I find out more?

Read more about it, including the course outline, on the MBTI Certification Online Refresher page.