New interactive type table

The ideal training aid for virtual team events

Introducing the Type Table – Who are we? interactive PDF. It’s a new training aid to help MBTI® practitioners bring type to life for virtual group sessions.

While a practitioner’s knowledge and passion are foundational to a great workshop, sometimes a few supporting pieces can add that final layer of polish to really wow participants. With this in mind, we’ve introduced a new training aid to help MBTI practitioners bring type to life when working with groups and teams in a virtual setting. 

Interactive MBTI type table

The Type Table – Who are we? interactive PDF enables team members to share their type with colleagues.

It features descriptive terms relating to each MBTI type so people can identify easily with their personality profile, and that of their colleagues. Each type’s favorite process (dominant function) is indicated by the color of each square on the table – green for Sensing, yellow for Intuition, blue for Thinking and red for Feeling. This helps people to engage with basic type dynamics and recognize the similarities and differences they have with others in the group.

Once purchased, practitioners have the freedom to use and reprint the interactive type table in perpetuity. 

Other resources to support virtual delivery

A wide range of additional materials are available to help practitioners deliver impactful virtual training programmes. These include:

And, with many of us working differently because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve pulled together free-to-access content and resources to help everyone get the most out of remote working.