Employee survey prompts coaching action

Our consultants helped a client address an issue from their own employee survey this month. Read more in our round-up of consultancy activity

Using coaching to address a relationship issue

The engagement survey showed that a leader needed to improve a working relationship with a team member. Both individuals committed to this and were prepared to put the time in, so they asked for coaching support from an external provider – us.

They had one individual coaching session each, followed by a joint session us-ing the MBTI Comparison Report. The participants learned to increase indi-vidual self-awareness, understand each other’s working styles and the impact of their behaviour on each other. They also developed strategies to improve their relationship and performance, and gained a sense of ownership of their outcomes/goals.

Using coaching to help a practitioner   

Our client, an independent leadership consultancy specializing in regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, needed some help – and we were happy to step in. Their MBTI certified practitioner needed some help creating a high impact MBTI session to weave into a leadership programme. Refreshing the practitioner's MBTI knowledge was also on the agenda. With a one-to-one coaching programme, the practitioner met her objectives.

Applying virtual development for 100+ lawyers

Our client's Leadership & Learning team offer a development programme for senior lawyers. Being keen to help participants feel that they are on a longer leadership journey, the client adopted a virtual delivery approach so the ses-sions were frequent and ongoing. Our consultants co-designed and co-delivered virtual MBTI Step I and Step II sessions for 110 senior lawyers. These sessions culminate in virtual group workshops this month.