Does personality type affect safety online?

February 11 is Safer Internet Day (SID) – and we’ve looked at how personality type affects how you approach cybersecurity

Safer Internet Day (SID) is recognized across the world every February. It brings together people from all sectors of society to promote the safe use of digital technologies

Data fraud and cyber-crime are major issues facing society. For organizations, the human factor is often the weak link, and a lot of effort and money is invested in employee security training. 

However, different people perceive and respond to malware threats differently. Personality types have their own strengths and vulnerabilities when it comes to cyber-security. 

Our research from 2019 looks at how personality relates to cyber-security attitudes and behavior. 

Cybersecurity tips for MBTI types
To improve your online security this Safer Internet Day (and every other day), download these type-based tips we developed.

If you’re interested in our research, download the full Type and cyber-security research report.

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