Investing in rising stars

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From talent development to conflict management and organizational change, the end of 2019 was as varied as the rest of the year for our consultants

Investing in rising stars

Following the success of an early-career development centre we delivered for their ‘rising stars’ the previous year, our client asked us to design and deliver a similar event for 2019.

25 participants from marketing learned how to identify their strengths and development needs, build commercial awareness and work more closely with the sales function in this two-day event. Investing in talent in this way helps our client to reward, engage and retain their young talent. 

Building the skills to challenge behavior

Our consultants ran sessions on conflict management using the TKI instrument for a national association. One of its teams needed the tools to more confidently ‘call out’ its members, or other stakeholders, in the event of any inappropriate behavior being identified. The session focused on boosting assertiveness to encourage a culture of positive challenge. 

Inspiring a senior team to lead through organizational change

Our client recently acquired a competitor that was much larger than its previous acquisitions. This meant the business faced a new, divergent business model and the senior leadership team needed to ‘build organizational readiness’. 

The client invited our Director of European Professional Services to deliver the final session at their senior leadership event. Based on our Psychology of Change talks of last year, the session’s aim was to help the senior team the skills and momentum to drive the impending change, as well as the confidence to lead their own teams to new levels of success.

Happy new year from everyone in the consultancy team!