What type of adventurer are you?

Royal Caribbean cruise company launches promo campaign based on MBTI type

Global cruise line Royal Caribbean International joined forces with CPP–The Myers-Briggs Company, publisher of the MBTI assessment, to create a fun, interactive campaign for people choosing their next holiday

The combination of personality type and travel has led to an inspired campaign by Royal Caribbean called Discover Your Adventure Personality – Stop Wondering and Start Wandering.

By answering just 13 simple personality-based questions about holiday preferences, visitors to the Royal Caribbean website get an ‘adventure personality’, which describes their travel style – for example, ‘I am a relaxation artist’. They also receive recommendations for destinations and activities, based on their adventure personality.

"Vacations are one of the few times in life we're truly allowed to focus on ourselves, so the more we know about our own personality type, the more relaxing and fun we can make them," said Jeff Hayes, CEO, CPP–The Myers-Briggs Company.

"Our research team and Royal Caribbean's travel experts put their heads together and created a way to quickly map our personality preferences to travel planning, so that people can plan trips that will leave them recharged and rejuvenated."

Learn more and find out what your holiday type is! Take the quiz at www.myadventurepersonality.com 

The campaign runs until the end of March 2018.