Ethical chocolate

OPP’s consultants start the year with MBTI leadership development for a niche food producer – find out more in our January round-up

Food, music and healthcare were among the sectors who received MBTI development programmes from our consultants in January.

We’re a month in to 2018 and already our consultants have been taking the MBTI and FIRO Business tools out to a number of clients in different sectors. 
Ethical chocolate and MBTI leadership

The increasing demand for foods that are free of dairy, gluten and soya has led to rapid growth at a small, ethically-driven company in the chocolate business. Our consultants were asked to design and deliver an MBTI-based leadership development session that would fit with the company’s positive and open culture. The session helped leaders to appreciate the value of different working styles and to understand different responses to change, so they could adapt their own styles and support others in times of transition, and enhance overall performance.

Music and communication

Elsewhere this month, our consultants have been working with a contemporary music organisation. Our client’s leadership team work remotely and only come together to meet once a quarter, making effective communication especially important. We delivered MBTI development events for two teams of leaders to develop a better understanding of type differences so they can get the best from each interaction.

Getting more from the MBTI framework

Having already embedded the MBTI framework within the organisation, our internal practitioners at a large healthcare and pharmaceutical company were confident in delivering individual and group feedback sessions, but felt they could be getting more from the tool. Our programme gave these practitioners the knowledge and resources to further apply the MBTI tool in areas such as change, conflict and decision-making. Participants also explored type dynamics and development, and the impact of MBTI preference on emotional intelligence, in order to further enhance their facilitation.

Leadership, change and FIRO Business 

Finally, our consultancy team has also been working with the FIRO Business tool this month. This was to help a returning client’s leadership team explore how they can work together in light of recent changes to team roles. The sessions helped them to strengthen their understanding of each other’s needs and identify effective ways of collaborating.