The year ahead

Our consultants said goodbye to 2017 by helping a healthcare team and a university to look forward – read more in our round-up

With future planning at the forefront of clients’ needs, our consultants had an eye on 2018 in December – but day-today practicalities were still on the agenda

OPP’s consultants finished up a varied and rewarding 2017 by delivering an MBTI-based development event for a team of over 40 healthcare charity professionals. Having worked with OPP for the last three years to integrate the MBTI assessment into their organisation, our client wanted a more in-depth team session to deepen relationships, explore influencing styles and plan for 2018. Our consultants delivered an interactive two-day event which took the team’s MBTI knowledge to the next level and explored how they could manage difficult conversations more effectively.

HR: stress and communication

Elsewhere in December, our consultants worked with an HR team of recently qualified MBTI practitioners who were keen to explore how they might use practical exercises in their day-to-day work. Our consultant demonstrated a range of MBTI exercises for the team around communication and stress, before facilitating a question and answer session so that practitioners could make the most of our consultant’s experience and expertise.

Higher education: leadership for the future

Looking to the future, our consultants are now working with an ambitious British university that wants to invest in its leaders and be recognised as a leading research-intensive institution. The university has already established a range of organisational development and HR initiatives to ensure continued growth towards leadership excellence. Over the next few months, our consultants will facilitate both individual and group coaching sessions with these leaders, to help them to apply their learning and support them in facing new leadership challenges.