A framework for behaviour

Designing a framework to make better decisions – find out more in our consultants' round-up

OPP’s consultants have developed decision-making, leadership and team relationships across a range of sectors out in the field in recent weeks

Public sector: using behaviour frameworks to reduce subjectivity

The capital projects division of a public sector client wanted to design a behaviour framework to use when evaluating potential new suppliers. The framework had to include rigorous and objective behavioural assessment as part of the process, because collaboration and teamwork would be critical. Our consultants gathered data from key stakeholders and developed a framework that provided observable examples of the behaviours required for successful collaboration. This framework will help to reduce subjectivity in decision-making and provide a defensible process for selecting new suppliers.

International networking: better decision-making for leaders

An international networking organisation wanted to provide development for a diverse committee of business leaders who were coming together for a team meeting in Barcelona. To help the committee to fully capitalise on individual expertise while making decisions as a team, our consultants designed a session exploring how team members’ MBTI preferences affect their decision-making style.

Retail: team development to achieve growth targets

A family retail business with ambitious plans for growth wanted to use the MBTI instrument for team development. The team was working well, but the client wanted real commitment and flexibility in the face of challenging growth targets. Our consultants designed and delivered an event which explored team members’ MBTI preferences, and how to develop more trusting relationships and agree to team commitments.

Healthcare charity: leadership development

Following a successful MBTI session in their leadership programme earlier this year, a charity in the healthcare sector requested a fresh and innovative new session. OPP incorporated the client’s values and behaviours into a session that helped participants to deepen their understanding of themselves as leaders.

Construction: candidate assessment

A builders’ merchant recruiting for new regional directors approached OPP for support with their internal assessment centres. The client was looking for an online assessment that looked at personality style, motivators and intellectual capacity. Our consultant used the 16PF instrument and Swift Analysis ability test, and supported the client with results interpretation and providing reports to candidates for feedback purposes.