Fresh thinking

See how our consultants used the MBTI instrument to boost innovation in the medical sector last month

The MBTI instrument and teams were the main focal points for our consultants and their clients in July

A team session for a returning client looked at how to adopt new thinking while still working within existing boundaries.

Innovation with medical technology

Seeing as the team works in a highly regulated environment, the client approached OPP to explore how to innovate and think ‘outside of the box’ while remaining compliant and adhering to ethical standards. Using the MBTI instrument as the framework, the facilitator looked at what innovation means to individuals with different preferences. It also showed how they could each contribute to the innovation process in the context of the team’s work. 

The session was practical, and the team worked through the innovation process for a live topic. They came away with specific actions and a realisation that, as a team, they were already more innovative than they had previously recognised.   

Teams 1: civil service 

A newly-formed cross-functional team from a government department wanted to establish a better understanding of themselves and their colleagues in the team. We delivered a fast-moving session in which team members explored their MBTI preferences and discussed them in a supportive group setting.

Teams 2: healthcare

A well-established team in the healthcare sector wanted to build on the insights they gained from a previous MBTI group feedback. We designed and delivered an interactive development event to help team members to get the best out of each other and identify new ways of working better to achieve their strategic objectives.

Teams 3: not-for-profit

Our consultants also facilitated a follow-up event for a charity organisation this month. Last year we worked with this team to help them to increase their individual awareness and understanding of the impact of different personality preferences. This session looked in more depth at what this means for the team when they are under pressure or experiencing change.