Lowering tension with TKI

Conflict management was on the agenda for our consultants in June – find out more in the monthly round-up

The TKI, MBTI and Saville instruments were among the tools used by our consultants with clients last month

Following the success of the interactive webinars delivered in May, our consultants began June by facilitating an additional webinar at the request of the client. Over the course of this project over 300 individuals attended the virtual ‘Introduction to MBTI’ sessions.

TKI: conflict management

Our consultants facilitated an open access conflict management workshop and used the TKI instrument. The client – a global leader in medical technology and research – has a culturally diverse, passionate and highly educated workforce competing for resources in a fast-paced environment, and workplace tensions had arisen. Our client wanted to support the workforce to harness these tensions in a positive way. To address this, we designed a workshop with role plays to help participants practise different situations, and to become more effective at managing conflict in the moment.

MBTI: leadership

Elsewhere this month, OPP consultants have continued their work with a leadership team at a specialist global technology company. Drawing on the MBTI instrument, previous 360 feedback and participants’ experience of their leadership development programme, the session aimed to i) help team members to develop stronger working relationships, and ii) increase their awareness of how they align with their stakeholders.

Repeat business

Our consultants have also been facilitating a number of repeat events for clients who regularly turn to OPP as a trusted provider. This month, they have delivered a strategic influencing workshop in the healthcare sector, facilitated an MBTI workshop for university students, and used the Saville Swift Analysis Aptitude test to help a thread manufacturer recruit for a management role.