Team spirit revisited

Distillery gets follow-up team development session from OPP’s consultants

Our monthly consultants’ round-up covers team development, leadership development and an appearance at a CIPD event

Team development and leadership development were the dominant themes for our consultants in January, as our monthly round-up shows. 

Distillery signs up for more MBTI team spirit

After seeing the impact of our delivery last year, an independent distillery client requested a session for their Sales Operations team. Team members now know their MBTI profiles and the implications of their preferences on how the team operates as a unit.

That’s entertainment

Our consultant travelled to Barcelona to facilitate a session for a leading mobile entertainment company. The result? Deeper understanding of different styles and approaches within the team, and the value these differences bring.

Public sector safeguarding

Two safeguarding teams in the public sector were brought together to identify strategies to help them work towards joint goals.

Consumer intelligence

A client in the consumer research sector completed a senior leadership team development programme, using the MBTI and EJI instruments to understand how to work together in an emotionally intelligent way.

Manufacturing leaders

Elsewhere this month, OPP consultants helped a returning client in the manufacturing sector to continue developing their senior leaders, in order to lead the organisation and achieve the culture change required for business success. The session focused on trust and common team purpose, and the challenges they need to overcome to become a high performing team.

Networking with HR through CIPD

Finally, our consultants also have been reaching out to HR practitioners this month, speaking at a CIPD event (Bracknell and Windsor group of the CIPD Thames Valley Branch) to illustrate the many different ways in which the MBTI instrument can be used. Understanding stress, enhancing resilience, exploring personality differences and understanding key stressors and energisers were among the contents of the session.