Added impact for MBTI Step II Qualifying Programme

With new resources and a fresh approach to learning, the MBTI® Step II Qualifying Programme makes it even easier for practitioners to make Step II development memorable and effective

MBTI Step II goes beyond the MBTI Step I framework to uncover the unique ‘fingerprint’ of personality, revealing what makes people different to others of their MBTI type.

The reshaped Step II Qualifying Programme makes it even easier to learn and apply these insights in an impactful way with individuals and groups. It mixes online learning with high impact experiential classroom sessions in the company of fellow practitioners, mixing group and solo work to drive home learning.

New materials provided by the Step II course include:

Step II practitioners can also access new fun type resources, Personal Typies and Team Typies. Free to download and share, these colourful graphics have been designed to boost engagement with Step II and celebrate individuals’ and teams’ unique personality profiles.

MBTI Step II training is particularly relevant for Step I practitioners wanting to enhance their skills in applications such as team development, leadership development, communication, conflict management, decision making, managing change and coaching.

The first new-look Step II course runs in London 30-31 March, with further sessions throughout the year at venues around the UK and in Ireland, including Edinburgh 15-16 April, Oxfordshire 11-12 May, Leeds 21-22 September and Dublin 22-23 October.