OPP at Global Trust Conference 2014

The event looks at how trust in the business world is vital to success

OPP will be exhibiting at the conference.

Global Trust Conference logoIn 2014, as in previous years, people are losing trust in banks, governments and corporations. Regaining that lost good will and building on it has never been more vital in the business world.

With a wealth of expert speakers and trainers, including the likes of Dario Nardi, and with a keynote address from campaigner extraordinaire Sir Bob Geldof, the Global Trust Conference will explore how trust has become a measure of value and an economic driver of the 21st Century. 

As it says on the Conference website: “Trust isn't just for the big businesses. Trust can make you more employable and promotable. It can energise your personal and professional relationships. The Trust Conference is a chance for you to see how you can use the concept of trust for your immediate and long term success.”

The Global Trust Conference 2014 takes place on September 11th at The Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, London, E1 8GP.