MBTI® Personal Impact Report (PIR) available in Swedish

The PIR is a cost-effective resource that users can come back to time and time again

Swedish speakers can now access the report in their native language - the Personlig tolkningsrapport. German and Russian versions will be available in April.

Swedish PIR screenshotThe MBTI Personal Impact Report applies information on an individual’s MBTI type to eight key development areas, suggesting development strategies and highlighting potential blind-spots. It has the necessary breadth and depth to bring about real behaviour change, revealing blind-spots, pitfalls and challenges, and making it easier to transfer type knowledge into real behaviour change.

There are two versions of the report available – Best Fit, and Verification.

The Best Fit version, based on best fit type, summarises the individual’s MBTI results, and includes sections on eight development areas.

The Verification Version, in addition to the eight development areas, introduces the concept of preferences, looks at the 16 MBTI preferences, gives reported type and provides a process for getting to best fit type.

The Personal Impact Report is a powerful catalyst for comprehensive and enduring development. It gives a personalised springboard for development that a person can use throughout their career. This longevity makes it the most cost-effective MBTI report available.