OPP launches new selection and recruitment advice

Comprehensive expert information is given in this key area of organisational growth

A practical white paper and a free webcast kick off a series of new resources to help create better selection processes.

Preview of selection white paperAre your selection processes fair, value for money and effective? OPP's workplace psychology experts have just launched some new resources to help business managers, HR managers and organisational development specialists assess their selection processes to ensure that both organisations and candidates are getting the best deal when it comes to recruitment. 

John Hackston's comprehensive white paper Best people in = best results out argues the case for working to improve selection, and gives practical advice for making tangible improvements. The paper argues that many organisations waste time and money on sluggish, out-dated selection techniques, but are reluctant to change them because of perceived expense or attachment to what's always been done. In fact, this can be a false economy; for example, by replacing traditional, ineffectual interview techniques with a savvy combination of modern tools and objective methodology, organisations could be saving thousands of pounds for each post, every year. Download the white paper now and find out for yourself!

John will also be presenting a free webcast to bring some of these themes to life. Sign up for the webcast