MBTI® Development Workbook makeover

Following input from MBTI practitioners, we’ve made some small changes to our new workbooks.

The MBTI Development Workbook now includes a fold-out, at-a-glance summary of each four-letter type, to assist in putting together a best-fit type.

MBTI Development HandbookThis latest change is in direct response to customer feedback.

The MBTI Development Workbook supports OPP’s new recommended feedback process, which helps users to capture notes as they explore their understanding of type and best fit, and formulate actions to take away from their feedback session. It is designed to support continued application of the MBTI framework back in the workplace.

To make the good news even better, until 30 June 2013 the MBTI Development Workbook is available in packs of 10 at a special introductory price of £60. After this the price will revert to £99 per pack.

Check out details of the new workbook and other new MBTI resources here.