OPP's Dr Robert McHenry at E-ATP 2013 Conference in September

The title and theme of this year’s conference is 'Growing Talent in Europe – Gaining Advantage through Assessment'

Dr Robert McHenry’s presentation asks ‘What will happen to recruitment testing in the next five years?’

EATP 2013 logoThe paper will look at the latest methods of recruitment – techniques such as creating an ‘employee brand’ via social media and taking advantage of professional online networks. It will also explore the new tools and methods that might arise in the near future.

Some companies are reporting major savings on fees to professional recruiters by employing this social media methodology. Some also claim that it results in a better match of recruit to job role and company culture.

OPP Executive Chairman Robert McHenry’s presentation will review the work of pioneers in this space such as Manageup or Glassdoor. It will speculate about a world of recruitment based on Mozilla open badges and social networking, but without job boards, Applicant Tracking Systems or psychometric tests.

The E-ATP 2013 Conference takes place 25 - 27 September 2013, at the Westin Dragonara Resort, St. Julians, Malta.

E-ATP is the European division of the Association of Test Publishers. It brings together European test publishers and related organisations for the purposes of networking, sharing innovative ideas and creating both educational and marketing opportunities related to testing and assessment. The conference is an opportunity to meet thought leaders in this arena, and to hear how leading organisations are using assessment to realise the advantage in growing talent.