Top cyber tips for every personality this Safer Internet Day

One third of employees (30%) have experienced a cyber-attack in the last month, reports The Myers-Briggs Company

London, UK – 11th February 2020: In light of Safer Internet Day, leading business psychologists, The Myers-Briggs Company released cyber security tips to aid businesses and their employees in staying cyber savvy and remaining vigilant in the fight against cyber criminals. 

In 2019, the World Economic Forum identified data fraud and cyber-attacks as one of the major issues facing society. This is especially pertinent to businesses, with the Myers-Briggs study into ‘Type and cyber security’ revealing that 82% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that a “data breach would be disastrous for my organisation”. In addition, the research found that 64% of respondents said they had experienced cyber-attacks in the last year, and almost a third (30%) had experienced attacks in the last month alone. 

John Hackston, Head of Thought Leadership at The Myers-Briggs Company commented, “While different personality preferences do not guarantee cyber security awareness or knowledge, it can be beneficial for businesses to use personality and self-awareness as a starting point in understanding where cyber security weaknesses may lie. The mitigation of cyber-attacks is of critical importance to businesses, and Safer Internet Day is the perfect opportunity to start a conversation with employees about their cyber security habits. While the guide provides a starting point for different preferences, all employees would do well to read the full guide.”

In conjunction with the research study, the Myers-Briggs Company has released a guide on Cyber security tips for each MBTI® type.

Example type tips for people with a preference for Introversion include:

  • ISTJ - Don't just use variations on the same password or passwords
  • INTP - You don’t always know best! The rules are there for a reason
  • ISFP - Remember that people online, even friends, may not be who or what they seem

Example type tips for people with a preference for Extraversion include:

  • ESTP - Get specific examples of what you can do differently, and act on them
  • ENTJ - Avoid overruling others if they have a fuller knowledge of IT security
  • ESFP - Don’t take things for granted – it pays to be vigilant, perhaps even untrusting

Find out more about Cyber-security tips for each MBTI® type here: Cyber-security.


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