Introverts Are Nearly Three Times More Likely to Avoid Conflict Than Extraverts

The Myers-Briggs Company shares research on Introverts’ most used conflict-handling modes for World Introvert Day

Sunnyvale, Calif. Dec 29, 2022 – In honor of World Introvert Day (Jan. 2, 2023), The Myers-Briggs Company has shared new data from over 50,000 respondents about how Introverts manage conflict.

“It’s widely established that those with preferences for Introversion and Extraversion will differ in their typical behavior, and these differences also extend to each preferences’ approach to conflict,” said Alex Eggington, Consultant at The Myers-Briggs Company

Introversion and the Avoiding Conflict-handling Mode

Based on the TKI® framework, there are five conflict-handling modes people use: avoiding, accommodating, collaborating, competing, and compromising. No mode is better or worse than another – each has a place and time. For World Introvert Day, the company took a closer look at the TKI data for those with Introverted preferences and a clear pattern emerged. 

Across the eight Introverted types from the MBTI® assessment, the avoiding mode was the highest scoring mode for those with ISTJ, ISFJ, ISTP, ISFP, and INTP preferences. For INFJ, INTJ, and INFP types, the avoiding mode was second highest.

Overall, Introverted types were nearly three times more likely than Extraverted types to have avoiding as one of their top two conflict modes. 

And part of this difference may be explained physiologically. 

“When it comes to conflict, Extraverts may tend to seek out interaction and even benefit from engaging in an argument; whereas for Introverts this could lead to overstimulation,” said Eggington in this recent article

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