Let a little conflict in

A polite corporate culture is one of the challenges our consultants faced in September

In this round-up of consultancy activity, conflict, communication, and organizational alignment are among our clients’ challenges

Being open to conflict

Our client provides independent pensions and investments consultancy services to employers and financial services institutions. Good relationships between colleagues and clients are crucial, and the friendly, informal culture supports this. 

But sometimes, preserving relationships leads to an overly polite culture where valid opinions get suppressed. We delivered a TKI session to the client’s L&D team so they could see the constructive side of conflict and learn how to run future TKI sessions themselves. 

Uniting restaurant managers with common language

A restaurant chain recently put its area managers on an MBTI program to improve their self-awareness and help them communicate better. Now, it’s the turn of the area chefs – a role which is a back-of-house equivalent to the area manager. With a one-day MBTI workshop, the area chefs learned about themselves, their working styles and effective leadership skills. 

Together, these MBTI programs give our client a common MBTI language for both front-of-house and back-of-house personnel.  

Achieving growth through alignment 

A marketing agency wants to manage talent retention and staff attrition so it can achieve its growth targets. Our consultants designed a program using the Dynamic Drivers™ model to align leadership development with the client’s organizational strategy and culture.