Getting practitioners to practice

How did our consultants help a client see a return on their MBTI investment? Find out in our consultancy round-up

MBTI refreshers, group and team coaching, and MBTI workshops for restaurants are among the recent activities out in the field for our consultants

Webinars for practitioners who don’t practice

What do you do when your trained practitioners don’t use their training? 

This is a question we’re helping one organization to answer. Our client had trained some employees to be internal MBTI practitioners, but they weren’t volunteering to give feedbacks within the business. The client was keen to see a return on their MBTI investment and wanted to be sure that the practitioners were confident in their abilities. 

To appeal both to experienced and less experienced practitioners, our consultants helped with a simple but effective idea. They designed a series of short webinars for the client. The webinars cover a variety of useful everyday applications – change, resilience, decision-making and influencing – and, on completion,  participants then receive access to the tools needed to deliver sessions themselves. Let’s hope this program provides the encouragement and confidence boost the practitioners need. 

Coaching for groups and teams

Two clients needed coaching programs – and neither of them were one-to-one. 

The first was a leadership team coaching program. Its aim was to help generate a change in team culture after the appointment of a new team manager. Since having a team development event earlier in the year, the team has had regular coaching sessions. The sessions focus on adopting the right attitude and mindset, and explore resistance to change or barriers. Rather than following a structure, the sessions are emergent.

The other coaching client is not an intact team but a leadership group in the education sector. This program helps group leaders become collaborative leaders who can influence across organizational boundaries. 

MBTI workshops: food for thought 

The MBTI tool gets used in a huge range of fascinating sectors, and among the many MBTI programs delivered recently was a session for a restaurant group. Our consultants delivered a 2-day program for area managers to help them hold constructive develop-mental conversations with general managers and head chefs. The art of effective feed-back and managing conflict were among the areas explored using MBTI type.