Graduates get the MBTI experience

See how our consultants have helped clients with this short round-up of recent activity

A graduate onboarding program and a women-in-engineering career event – see how the MBTI assessment helps businesses to break new ground

Graduates get the MBTI experience
Our client is a multinational that supplies industrial gases and services to various industries and manufacturers. It has an onboarding program for all graduates joining the organization. Psychometric assessments have not been included in the program – until now. The client wanted graduates to have the chance to do the MBTI questionnaire, so our consultants prepared a workshop for their next onboarding programme. 

Longer term, the client wants to build on those insights and create a development pathway for individuals. The pathway would cover things like stress management, resilience, effective team working, conflict management and more.  

Women in engineering: career event includes MBTI session 
As part of its inclusion and diversity activities, one of the world’s largest oil and gas corporations is hosting a career event specifically for women in engineering. The event aims to engage top talent, help female engineers market themselves effectively, and highlight available career pathways. To celebrate difference and diversity, and show people how to leverage their natural strengths, our consultants designed an interactive MBTI session for our client to include in their career event.   

Consultant helps practitioner for challenging team session
After 2–3 years of transitional change, our client needed to get its senior team working together. One of the team members, who is MBTI qualified, was assigned to deliver group feedback. However, the strong personalities and the seniority of the people in the group meant it was better for an external consultant to do this. Our consultant stepped in to help the team explore how MBTI personality types can affect how they interact, work together and make decisions.