Personalized selling

Consultants use MBTI tool to train sales people – find out more in our consultancy round-up

Buyer-seller relationships, stress management and team dysfunctions are among the client challenges addressed by our team of consultants in recent weeks

Even as we near the end of the year, we see organizations continue to work hard to develop people and improve performance. Here are some recent examples of our consultants giving clients the support they need. 

Personalized selling 
Changes in the pharmaceutical industry led to an increased focus on trust in buyer-seller relationships. Our client, a Swiss pharmaceutical company, wanted a ‘Personalize your selling’ workshop to help sales people achieve this. We designed a workshop and piloted it in Switzerland before delivering to sales teams in Romania and Dubai. The workshop uses MBTI insights to increase awareness of differences in personality type so that sales people can build trust. A train-the-trainer session is planned for early 2019.

Change, restructure and stress 
A large UK housing association needed help during times of change and restructure. Staff turnover was high, and managers were under pressure. Our MBTI-based session focused on strengths and blind spots, stress triggers, strategies for managing stress, and how to recognize stress in other people. 

Team accountability 
After a change of ownership three years ago, our Netherlands client used the MBTI assessment and Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team model to develop middle managers. Key areas for improvement were accountability, delivering difficult messages, and lack of clarity around roles and boundaries. Our consultants did two things. First, we delivered a practitioner development session for the Netherlands HR team to help them embed MBTI principles in teams across the organization. Then we looked at how to facilitate exercises which specifically addressed the lack of accountability dysfunction in Lencioni’s model.