eBooks upgrade

New platform improves eBooks for OPP customers

We have upgraded the technology behind our eBooks to give practitioners, customers and users a more flexible, accessible and enjoyable eBook experience

OPP is delighted to announce that the upgrade to our eBooks platform is complete, and the platform is now live. This means that OPP account holders can enjoy the following features:

No restrictions

The number of devices on which a licence holder can use an eBook is now unrestricted, and the number of times an eBook can be downloaded is also now unrestricted. These changes make for a more flexible experience for the licence holder.

Better usability

A new section has been added to the customer account page. It’s called Ordered eBooks, and from this section OPP.com account holders can:

PLEASE NOTE that to deliver our improved functionality, we have changed our encryption provider. This affects all eBooks bought from OPP.com before May 1, 2018 – those books will not open after May 25. Account holders need to sign in and download again. Non-account holders should contact Customer Services.

For more information, read our updated FAQs and terms and conditions.