Reaching more teams

November was a month of team developments and travel for our consultants – find out more in our round-up

Team development knows no boundaries: our consultants travel Europe and use technology to deliver team workshops to a wide range of clients

Team development in Dublin, Istanbul, Scandinavia and the UK

A well-known drinks manufacturer had an MBTI team development event in Dublin in November. The session was designed to help a newly restructured team to get to know each other better and discover more about their preferred behaviours. The team explored how to adapt their styles to work together more effectively, providing greater awareness of different communication styles within the team.

Over in Istanbul, a group of managers for a domestic appliances supplier were in need of a development event to become closer as a team. The event focused on self-awareness and appreciation of the different styles in the team. This helped them get to know each other better and gave them an action plan for enhancing team communication.

Our consultants also went to Sweden and Norway to deliver events for a returning client in the medical technology industry. They used a High Performing Teams model to help a remote working team develop greater cohesion, more effective communication and improved alignment. They then helped a small team of high performers to understand and share their personalities and communication styles.

Back in the UK, the leader of a creative team at an interactive entertainment company recognised that his team would benefit from some development following an intense period of change. The leader, who was relatively new in post, also wanted to understand the team better and increase his ability to influence and drive the team in a positive way. Our consultant designed and facilitated an MBTI team development event centred on how continuous pressure impacts individual and team performance and behaviour.

Virtual refreshment

To give a team in the charity sector an introduction to the MBTI tool before they attend a team event next month, our consultant delivered an hour long webinar. The session served as a refresher for some and an introduction for others, allowing everyone to attend their team event with enough experience to make the most of the session.