Changing team behaviour

Our consultants helped a senior executive team respond to the results of an employee survey – find out more in our consultancy round-up

See how OPP’s consultants used the MBTI, TKI and FIRO instruments to address team and conflict challenges with clients in October

The results of an employee engagement survey in a retail organisation did not bring impressive results for the senior management team. The retailer recognised that the team would benefit from team development, and asked OPP to design a team session using the MBTI instrument. The aim of this was to help the team to appreciate that difference in a team can be a positive force. It also helped foster greater transparency and a better understanding of team relationships.

Open access conflict

A medical research organisation wanted to develop an open access conflict workshop, which would complement their existing development offerings. Our consultant designed and piloted an action-focused workshop, built around the TKI instrument, which helped participants to understand their own and others’ tendencies in conflict situations.

Team security

A senior leader at a global security company wanted her team to experience the thought-provoking insights she had gained at a FIRO-B development event. Our consultant used the FIRO-B instrument to help team members understand each other’s interpersonal needs, how these needs drive their behaviours, and how they could communicate and work together more effectively.

Practitioner support

As well as delivering workshops for clients, our consultants also work alongside our clients to co-deliver workshops with qualified practitioners. This happened recently with a client who wanted its practitioners to deliver resilience workshops. Our consultant designed a session focused on stress – early warning signs, ways to manage it – and how to build resilience, then briefed our client's practitioners and co-delivered two pilot sessions. The result? Increased practitioner confidence for delivering future workshops themselves.