Fast movers

OPP consultants stepped in at short notice to help a new leadership team – find out more in our consultancy round-up for April

One of the largest housing associations in the country, Sovereign Housing, needed OPP’s help last month – and they needed it quickly

Sovereign Housing wanted to provide MBTI feedbacks for a newly formed leadership team. However, they needed to give the leaders as much time as possible to reach best fit and reflect on what the MBTI means to them before going on to attend an internal team session. By responding quickly, and working with Sovereign Housing as an extra pair of hands, our consultants helped them to achieve their objectives.

Here's an overview of other April activities for OPP's consultants.

Charity leadership

A charitable foundation in the healthcare sector needed some leadership development last month. Taking a collaborative approach, our consultants facilitated a large group event alongside the client’s own practitioners. The event formed part of a wider leadership programme that aims to make the MBTI framework the backbone of their people development programme. Raising self-awareness, adapting communication and creating effective leadership were the focal points.

Marketing team spirit 

An independent distillery client returned for MBTI team development for their commercial marketing team. The session allowed the team to consider how to build relationships and adapt individual communication styles when working collaboratively.

Another marketing team in the wines and spirits industry took their team development to the next level with a session focused on the behaviours that are critical to the success of high performing teams. The team had worked towards building relationships and increasing team collaboration over the last year and were keen to build on this. During the session, they rated themselves against high performing team behaviours and discussed actions they could take to accelerate their performance.

Elsewhere, a returning client in the medical technology sector wanted to move their team forward in a positive, energised way following a period of organisational change. Our consultant delivered a session that fostered a greater sense of being a team, enhancing self-awareness and exploring individual differences.

On the road

Finally, our consultants have continued introducing the MBTI instrument to a wider audience by speaking at the CIPD North Branch annual conference. The session, delivered to practitioners and non-practitioners, highlighted the benefits of applying personality preferences to activities such as leadership development and team development.