OPP consultants on 2016

Happy new year from OPP's consultants! Here's a quick round-up of last year

Entering into the new year, OPP’s Head of Consultancy Lorraine Mills offers a few thoughts on 2016

As we roll into 2017 by finishing off the mince pies and digging around in the last selection box, we have been taking a moment to reflect on a busy December and our key highlights of 2016.  

Manufacturing and self awareness: FIRO and TKI

December kicked off with a very intense start – 44 feedback and development sessions in just five days! The sessions used the FIRO-B and TKI instruments and were for a large aircraft manufacturer looking to integrate new self awareness tools into their organisation.  

Telecoms communication with FIRO 

Also in December, we designed and delivered an interactive team development session based around the FIRO-B instrument for a large company in the telecommunications sector. Being passionate about people development, the client had recognised a need within their sales team for some development around understanding communication style and its impact. The session focused on increasing individuals’ self awareness, gaining a better understanding of other team members, and how they come across to customers and stakeholders.  

2016 highlights: coaching, leadership and virtual delivery

Reflecting on our key highlights of 2016, we realise how fortunate we have been to work with such a wide variety of organisations which allow us to increase our understanding of their unique pain points and ambitions, and who challenge us to be innovative in our application of psychology. We’ve had a busy year of coaching work too, providing direct coaching – including 69 coaching sessions to one client! – as well as training and developing internal coaches.  

And we have had some great challenges and opportunities in the leadership and team development arena. We’ve worked with clients across Europe, and we’ve coordinated our furthest-reaching virtual event yet, delivering a virtual training session that reached individuals in nine different countries.  

We are looking forward to the new year and the challenges and opportunities it brings to work in creative and innovative ways. See you there!