Team spirit

Distillery gets MBTI team development workshop – read more in our consultants’ round-up

Our monthly collection of highlights from OPP’s consultants covers MBTI team development training and the conclusion of an ongoing leadership programme

Many clients return to OPP again and again to benefit from working with business OPP consultants: trainingpsychology experts. Last month we delivered two events for a returning client in the medical technology sector, facilitated a workshop for a whisky distillery, and completed the bChannels leadership development programme in Oxford.

MBTI team development for medical technology organisation

Heading to Switzerland for two events, the first one built on basic MBTI principles to develop interpersonal relationships in a team so that it could become a high-functioning team. The second event looked at team development support for a brand new team seeking a new approach to the way training and education is delivered. Incorporating insights into communication, improving decision-making and planning, and taking the next steps towards better team working were among the outcomes for this international company.

Distillery explores MBTI Type

Our consultants delivered a workshop in Dublin for an independent distillery. They used the MBTI model with the distillery’s global marketing team to focus on how teams from two brands can increase and improve their collaboration. The participants explored MBTI profiles, identified best-fit Types and drew insights around the team’s strengths and blind spots.

bChannels leadership development

Finally, OPP’s consultants concluded a leadership development programme for bChannels in Oxford. Using the MBTI framework and a group introduction to the programme, participants explored their personalities as leaders. They then received 360° feedback to gain in-depth individual feedback about their strengths and development areas in relation to the bChannels leadership behaviours. This project has had a huge impact on the organisation and has opened up further questions and areas to explore. Discussions about how OPP can support bChannels in their next steps are already underway.

Looking ahead to the next few weeks, our consultants will be delivering leadership development in the consumer research sector, team development for a charitable foundation, and a resilience workshop in the engineering manufacturing sector.