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OPP launches two new MBTI coaching courses

Add breadth and depth to your coaching expertise with OPP’s two new MBTI coaching courses

In July, OPP launches two new complementary coaching courses MBTIwhich are based on the MBTI Type framework.

Coaching: Integrating the MBTI Instrument provides MBTI insights for a wide range of coaching situations. It brings extra versatility to MBTI practitioners by exploring different coaching models and the impact of Type on the coach-coachee relationship – find out more here.

Coaching: Leveraging Type Dynamics applies the theory of Type dynamics to coaching practice. It creates a deeper understanding of Type within coaching by exploring strengths-based coaching, dominant/auxiliary functions, and recognising and managing everyday stress – find out more here.

The courses first run on July 19 and July 20 respectively in London, and both are available to book. Each course is one day long.

If you want to read more about coaching from an MBTI expert, take a look at Dr Jean Kummerow’s two-part blog post which followed last year’s MBTI User Conference.