Pioneering women

OPP celebrates the MBTI creators for International Women's Day

For International Women’s Day, March 8th, we celebrate two great women – Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers.

We could share with you the fascinating story Myers and Briggsof how the MBTI assessment was created – the tireless dedication, decades of study, analysis and validation – but what we want to celebrate is what drove these pioneering women to create such a well-respected psychometric tool that is still used all over the world today.

What better legacy to leave behind than a framework celebrating different personality Types and their associated strengths?

The desire to understand people and not judge them.

The desire to lead to understanding of how different personalities suit different activities.

The underlying belief is that if we understand ourselves and the people around us, we can all live happier, more empowered professional and personal lives. It’s such a positive perspective on life.

This is Isabel Myers’s perspective on human behaviour:

Isabel Briggs Myers's perspective on human behaviour















Isabel Myers was an inspiring figure, working during a period when there were few psychometricians of either gender in the world. She was a gifted pioneer of personality assessment; self taught, rigorous and incredibly determined in the face of the predominantly male psychological establishment. 

Isabel Briggs Myers quote




We continue to share the underlying belief in the work of Isabel and Katherine, as do thousands of MBTI practitioners around the world and millions of end-users who have positive experiences including ‘light bulb’ moments both during and beyond the feedback process.

It’s no surprise that the MBTI assessment continues to be the most used and trusted personality tool on the market. 

Happy International Women’s Day!