OPP business psychologists out and about in November 2015

OPP consultancy showcases the flexibility of the MBTI Instrument

OPP are always out and about delivering business psychology consultancy and often use the MBTI Instrument. This week is a great example of the multiple applications of the tool.

MBTI refresher: development session for leadership team of 20

A leadership team of 20 people in the chemical industry are working together on regional strategy, so they have requested an MBTI refresher course with a specific focus on leadership. To help them enhance their way of working, we are delivering an MBTI session designed to deepen their awareness of their personality Type, how they work together and how this may influence their effectiveness as functional leaders. The group is keen to appreciate the differences and frustration points across the different personality Types, and the goal is to find practical ways to understand and leverage the differences within the team. 

The power of the MBTI instrument

OPP France will be delivering an MBTI workshop for a client in Paris. This will be part of a pilot for a redesigned MBTI and Leadership module for their new leader population. The session will introduce the concept of preferences and the power of personality, and explore both personal differences and differences in how members of the group make decisions. It will also look at how personality impacts on influencing styles, and aims to help these new leaders to explore their own leadership style, to raise their self awareness and develop some alternative strategies when leading others.

MBTI team development including Step II

OPP are also delivering a one-day event for 12 people exploring the strengths and blind spots of a team, great decision-making, enhancing emotional intelligence and embracing change. This is the final day of a three-part development programme using MBTI Step II.

Group leaders: emotional intelligence and perception

As part of our continued work with a group of leaders in the not-for-profit sector, we'll be exploring ways to improve their impact and effectiveness with people both inside and outside of their organisation. This facilitated session will focus on the concept of emotional intelligence and how to use emotional information more effectively. Drawing from the insights of personality and Type to deepen understanding of how our perception of, and response to, emotions can impact our working relationships, the session helps to develop strategies for enhancing individual emotional intelligence.

MBTI for global teams

One of our consultants is delivering a three-hour MBTI session in Zurich this week for a global team of 10 individuals who are coming together for the first time. The objectives for the session include helping delegates to develop better awareness of personality preferences, to increase their understanding of how to adapt to the needs of colleagues when working together, and to increase their awareness of differences in communication style. This is particularly challenging with multiple languages and national cultures coming into play alongside individual personality differences. This practical session supports these individuals to develop new strategies and communicate more effectively with their global colleagues.

Coaching and personal development

As part of our coaching provision to our clients, our consultants are qualified and experienced at providing supervision to coaches who are internal to their client organisations. This provides on-going support and personal development for these internal coaches. It also provides the opportunity to work through challenging individual and ethical issues that can occur when carrying out internal coaching, and explores how to step back and view the organisational system as a whole. This week, two of our consultants are out delivering one-to-one supervision sessions to internal coaches. 

If you have a development need and want to consult with an OPP business psychologist get in touch to see how we can help.