Survey: Type and work environment

New OPP report looks at how different personality Types engage with their workplace surroundings

The report describes the results of a survey into the relationships between psychological Type and the office environment.

crowded officeWith the increasing prevalence of open-plan offices, concerns are often raised that the modern office may not be a comfortable environment for people of some Type preferences. We were interested in finding out more about the links between different Types and the spaces they work in.

Looking at the results of the study, some features of the workplace are looked on positively by almost everyone, such as having a well designed work space, a desk of your own and some ‘quiet areas’; while practices such as desk-sharing or hot-desking were disliked by almost all Types. Introverts in particular seem ill-served by the most frequently found office layouts. 

The report discusses the results and proposes some relatively simple ways in which the situation of people who are unhappy as a result of work environment can be improved. It’s a fascinating read, and you can find it here.