New French and Dutch MBTI® eBooks available

This brings our eBook total to 25, with more in the pipeline

Some of the most popular MBTI resources are now available electronically, perfect for remote workers and paperless offices.

French MBTI Development WorkbookThe latest additions to our eBook catalogue are French and Dutch versions of:

  • MBTI Development Workbook
  • Introduction to Type
  • Introduction to Type in Organisations

OPP's new eBook service enables the electronic distribution of these essential resources via Digitally Rights Managed PDFs – ideal for organisations with remote workers or where a paperless approach is preferred. The interactivity of the MBTI Development Workbook is retained with editable sections, so end users can continue to use the booklet to capture their thoughts and make notes on future actions to take away from their feedback session.

Electronic resources are priced identically to paper versions and are available through the OPP shop, or by calling Customer Support on 0845 603 9958 (within the UK) or +44 (0)1865 404610 (from outside the UK).