Personality Matters - OPP's HRZone blog

OPP CEO Penny Moyle’s latest blog post reflects on what makes a great leader.

Good leadership needs to backed up by good followership, and a strong leadership group, rather than a single, semi-permanent leader, is the key to “unlocking potential”.

HRZone logoThe Personality Matters HRZone blog post sets this in the context of recent events at Wimbledon, asking “Could Andy Murray be a great leader?”:

“He has it all. Application, vision, guts, ambition, determination, a record of success and with it, a developing charisma. These are the very things we seek in our leaders. Should we make Andy Murray Prime Minister or Chairman of a Trust focused on getting unemployed youth into work? The notion is tempting, but actually we have no idea if these are the characteristics that actually make successful leaders… We have a collective fascination with leadership that glorifies it, placing great emphasis on heroism and charisma, despite the lack of any systematic evidence to support the idea that charismatic heroes make good leaders."

Penny’s other posts at HRZone are “I’m not an alien, I’m just a senior exec” and “Do bad bosses get a bad rap?” Expect more over the forthcoming months!

(Note: all these posts have appeared previously on the OPP blog “Personality Matters”).