New – Myers-Briggs® Report for Healthcare Professionals

The new report has been created specifically for healthcare professionals, covering all aspects of communication in the workplace.

This is the first MBTI report aimed at a particular profession. It consists of the MBTI Profile Report plus healthcare-specific content.

MBTIThe Myers-Briggs Report for Healthcare Professionals aims to improve healthcare professionals’ communication and interaction techniques and provides recommendations on how to adapt care styles to ensure that patients’ needs are the foremost concern.

The report provides insights into how healthcare staff deliver information to and spend time with patients. It helps doctors, nurses, assistants and clinical staff improve all aspects of patient interaction. It shows them how their individual personality type preferences impact on the style and quality of care given, and suggests how they can ‘flex’ their care style for the patient’s benefit.

The Myers-Briggs Report for Healthcare Professionals also looks at how and why misunderstandings and conflicts arise. Recognising that caring often takes place in a stressful environment, the report describes the impact of job stress on style and quality of care. It provides practical advice on ‘how to get yourself back’ in times of stress.

For more details, and to download a sample report, check out the new healthcare page in the MBTI section of our website.