New TKI/MBTI webinar from Ralph Kilmann

Our popular webinar from the TKI co-author, 'Combining the TKI and MBTI tools', is now available to listen to online

For four decades, TKI author Ralph Kilmann has been using the MBTI and TKI tools to identify, confront and resolve areas of conflict in the workplace. His recent OPP webinar was extremely popular, attracting an audience of over 550 people. Here's what some of our listeners said: 

“Excellent insights on the links between MBTI and TKI!”

“One of the best webinars I have ever listened to.”

“The content, presentation and speaker were all fantastic!  I'm definitely interested in learning more, and in implementing this model.”

“An absolutely fabulous and insightful presentation. Thank you very much!”

“Thank you so much for distributing this. Very helpful theory.”


A recording of the event is available in our webcasts section.