Instituto de Liderazgo was created in 1991 in Spain by human resources professionals who decided to leave behind large organizations, because they were moved by their passion for the processes of leadership and by the vision that every organization needs to be more productive, more efficient, and more profitable. Leaders today face numerous challenges: mergers, integration, cutting costs, breaking down silos... and to do this two key things matter…achievements and people. 

For us Leadership is the process that creates direction, alignment and commitment, so that intention becomes action. To do this, the leader has to focus on the elements that will deliver the results:  Understanding reality, Outside-in, Ambition and Engagement.

We help you to blend the leadership process that your organization needs to deliver results and prepare your company for the future, accelerating the change curve and creating integrated business models where people take the centre stage. MBTI and FIRO B occupy a central role in all our programs of : Effective, Innovative and Transformative Leadership and Consultancy of high impact teams.

We are also passionate about training HR professionals in our country in Spanish and offer qualification programs for MBTI and FIRO B tools. Details of our qualification workshops can be found here.

Name Instituto de Liderazgo
Street Doctor Ramon Muncharaz 3, 1oA
City Las Rozas de Madrid
Country Spain
Phone +03 491 636 6101



Authorised by The Myers-Briggs Company to offer qualification workshops in:

  • MBTI Step I
  • MBTI Step II
  • FIRO

Training language:

  • Spanish

Authorised to train in:

  • Spain

Authorised to use:

  • MBTI Step I
  • MBTI Step II
  • FIRO

Languages spoken

  • Spanish