Boost retention by meeting interpersonal needs

Research shows employees who feel more included have a higher level of well-being. This doesn’t just increase the desire to stay in the team, but has a knock on effect for boosting performance too. Bonus! But what makes us feel included? And how do we know what the interpersonal needs of our team are to make sure we are connecting at the right level?


Listen to this webinar as John Hackston, Head of Thought Leadership at The Myers-Briggs Company, will:

  • Discuss the FIRO framework and demonstrate how it can be used to build relationships and understand interpersonal needs
  • Share research showing the positive effects of inclusion on job performance, job satisfaction, positive workplace behavior, and well-being
  • Show how the interpersonal style of both managers and employees might influence feelings of inclusion
  • Display how the FIRO framework can be used to increase inclusion and foster inclusive leadership