A Type Toolkit for the Sandwich Generation

Inspiration session by Katherine Hirsh

Using psychological type and Jungian archetypes as a framework, this session invites you to reflect on the parenting journey from the perspective of the caregiver and the perspective of self-care. Interactive exercises will examine how consciously giving voice to the challenges and opportunities involved in caring for yourself, your children and your parents can help you to see more clearly the connections between your own style and experiences and the archetypal stories and typological patterns that shape the wider culture(s) of which you are a part. Join me to discover how putting your story into words and images can be a source of inspiration for meaningful change, type development and healing.


This workshop is designed to make your parenting journey more surefooted, intentional and regenerative by:

About Katherine Hirsh

Katherine HirshKatherine W. Hirsh is an internationally recognized MBTI-expert who has been entranced by psychological type for over thirty years. She is the co-author of Introduction to Type® and Decision Making; Type® and Teams and The MBTI® Teambuilding Program: Leader’s Resource Guide. Through her writing, facilitation and consulting, she has been helping improve the performance of individuals, teams and organizations worldwide through promoting increased self-awareness and cultivating a commitment to diversity and inclusion.