Introduction to Type and Teams - 10 per pack

Introduction to Type and Teams - 10 pack

Boost team development with the MBTI®

Help teams work more productively.

Why it’s useful

While the MBTI process has been used successfully with individuals, its power can be multiplied when applied to teams, as its use worldwide in teambuilding attests. This booklet helps people understand their MBTI results and the relationship of these to their work in teams. It presents a framework designed to assist teams in functioning more productively. The MBTI tool is useful to teams because it is based on the idea that we all have unique gifts to offer and challenges to overcome. In teams we work together, attempting to maximise each member’s special talents, thereby minimising gaps in knowledge and skills.

Who it’s for

Introduction to Type and Teams is for trainers and practitioners introducing the MBTI instrument in team development workshops. One copy for each team member is recommended

What’s inside

  • An overview of basic and advanced MBTI type preference concepts
  • The benefits of the MBTI tool in teams
  • Six core issues affecting teams today: communication, team culture, leadership, change, problem solving/conflict resolution, and stress
  • Sample responses of the 16 MBTI types to each of the core issues – team members can use these examples to enhance their type awareness, to the benefit of both individual and team effectiveness