Introduction to Type and Reintegration

Use MBTI Type to make sense of reintegration.

Equip people with the strategies to thrive, reintegrate and find their new ‘normal’ after extended periods in highly stressful or unfamiliar environments.

Why it’s useful

Reintegration is the need for readjustment following unfamiliar and stressful experiences. It is a process that many people will go through, to different degrees, at various points in life. By understanding MBTI Type, and applying it to the process of reintegration, people can create a new life picture. 

Who it’s for

This book is for anyone experiencing a period of reintegration (to a lesser or greater extent) at any point of their life – eg military personnel, or people who are relocating – and who already knows their MBTI best-fit Type. It will help to make sense of the way personality Type can ease potential difficulties during this period, and makes creating a ‘new normal’ as simple, smooth, and easy as possible.

How to use it

This guide can be used as a key reference point for anyone involved in making or adapting to change in their life and the challenges this brings. It provides information and guidance on how stresses experienced during this time can be predicted and managed to reduce their effect on people of different MBTI types. Additionally, there are actionable tips which give a real, tangible way to help during these periods of reintegration. 

What’s inside?

  • A section for each Type, outlining their needs during periods of reintegration, reactions to the stresses caused, and how to perform at their best during these times.
  • Real-life case studies to show how the MBTI framework has helped people in this process, providing context and building confidence in this approach.
  • Practical tips on how to make the most of MBTI Type and preferences during periods of reintegration.


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